Fresh Start

My First Car Crush and the Inspiration for My URL

Why I’m starting this blog:

  • As an alternative to a medical school blog already in existence
  • An outlet to express my social views and opinions about the world freely!
  • Stress outlet from the daily grind of medical school


  • I currently live in the Eastern Caribbean on an island that is so remote that packages sent to me have been re-routed to other countries. Thanks USPS.

The Middle of The Caribbean Ocean


What else? Ah, yes. I am a Medical Student in my First Year (fun times). It’s challenging but so amazing at the same time. I can’t believe I get to learn such interesting things on a daily basis. As of now I can tell the name of the muscle and what nerve innervates that muscle from your neck down to your toe (by-passing organs other than heart and lungs of course becaue that comes next semester!)

But enough with the nerding-out…for now. Let’s get to why I really wanted to start this blog!


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