Daily Routine

Lately I find myself falling into a similar routine: wake-up, hit the snooze until 9 or 10 a.m. (unless I have a work-out date with a friend), grudgingly get out of bed, contemplate eating a bowl of cereal and opting for waiting until lunch time to eat. I usually bum around the computer for an hour or so and then cringe at the prospect of having to plan my day’s study schedule.

Yesterday I was in super-ADD mode and was unable to study continuously for more than 1 hour at a time. I think I’m getting to that point where my brain gets rebellious when I have to review the same information for the 100th time. My brain basically says, “Are you kidding me? Again? Really? No, I think you should watch some brainless show online instead.”

And thus I spent many minutes yesterday figuring out how to watch the only episodes of “Dawson’s Creek” that featured the character Gretchen, played by, who else, Sasha Alexander. Her screen presence is captivating, no matter what role she is in, and the more romantic the role the better. I think she must have only been in 4 episodes in that *sappy, teen-angsty, 90’s show but I intend to figure out which ones and watch them all.

Oh sappy teen dramas with pretentious writing.

*I can’t believe I actually watched more than 10 mins. of a show that I made fun of so often in high school. I guess medical school and maturity make you cling to your formative years?

After attempting to study at the “Barn” last night I returned around 9 p.m. to unwind before going to bed. While watching some sappy, but professionally edited Youtube video about my favorite NCIS characters I came upon a song whose artist I have been trying to remember for months now. Oh yea, “Death Cab for Cutie”. This lead to an excursion on “Grooveshark” and to my new favorite song “Into the Dark”. A melancholy, touching song about one lover promising to meet the other lover in the after life. At least that is my interpretation. It’s actually quite depressing but the band always has a way of making any subject seem sweet and hopeful. The music inspired the creative part of my brain (which I was happy to find out has not in fact, atrophied). I did some sketching and got in touch with my artistic muse once again.


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