Nada Valgo Sin Ti



One of the most beautiful songs every written/sung, by Juanes about love:

“Nada Valgo Sin Ti”

I’m definately too proud to watch or admit to enjoying “chick flicks” but there are some things that make me feel that super-feminine, mushy streak. Who would have thought it was possible?

1. “Nada Valgo Sin Ti” –Juanes

2. “Happy” –Brandi Carlile (about a lost love? that’s how I interpret it…and it definately pulls on those heart strings and makes you wonder about “the one that got away”)

Brandi Carlile--one of the most amazing vocal ranges of any female singer

3. Most Brandi Carlile songs actually…her voice plus her sweet, perceptive lyrics are very beautiful.

*I guess it helps that I have seen both in concert…oh Austin, how I miss you.

4. NPR: particularly any remotely sad story about a destitute people or particularly about children…I always well up with tears in the car and hope the driver next to me isn’t looking my way.